Utilizing YouTube Vanced - YouTube Vanced Doesn't Play Videos on Phone

Is there any cause for worry when utilizing YouTube Vanced in the background of your android smartphone? Many individuals admit they're skeptical of utilizing YouTube Vanced since it's not an official application. However, this program can be used on any smartphone OS. The only issue here is you might run into some "incompatibility issues" with some Android smartphones.

YouTube Vanced

How To Get YouTube Vanced On Your Phone

There aren't any official support/updates for YouTube Vanced in the Google play store or on the respective manufacturer's website. You can download YouTube Vanced from this link as it is not available on the Play Store. 

However, many users claim they've already been able to get the latest version working on their non-rooted (read: rooted) smartphones. To be able to use this program on your smartphone, you'll need to have the latest firmware version of your mobile device or factory unlocked unit. Once you've got that, the installation is quite easy. For those who want to optimize their video playback experience, you might also want to use the YouTube Player update app on your phone to enable the latest version of the player.

Utilizing YouTube Vanced

The only real concern you should have when utilizing YouTube Vanced in the background is the possibility of your smartphone becoming infected with malicious codes. You can prevent this by downloading the latest free version of the YouTube Vanced Manager app and installing it. This app keeps a constant check on your device for any viruses or malicious codes that might be trying to infect your device. If a virus is detected, you can easily select it and manually delete it from your device. After you've uninstalled YouTube Vanced, you should also remove all the third-party apps you have installed on your smartphone since the latest version of YouTube Vanced Manager requires that you log in to YouTube to do updates.

Uninstallation Of YouTube Vanced

When attempting to uninstall YouTube Vanced, you will notice a series of files being removed. These are the core library files for your respective YouTube application. Since they aren't really necessary to run this app, it's recommended you simply remove them. This is one of the things you'll need to do before successfully uninstalling the YouTube Vanced app, and this step is very simple.

There's another way to effectively get rid of this app, but this approach won't be as easy as deleting the files associated with the YouTube Vanced background playback feature. You need to locate your unit's developer settings. By clicking on the About tab, you will see a link that says Background playback features. Open this link, and you will be shown a window where you need to click on the Remove button. This action will permanently delete the YouTube Vanced APK from your gadget, along with any other apps you may have installed on your handset.

However, there is an option to get rid of this troublesome utility without having to delete any of your other apps. The easiest way to do this is to utilize what's known as an "ad-blocker". An ad-blocker is software that blocks specific adverts on your android device. You can download an ad-blocker for free from the Google play store. Simply install the software, and allow it to run. When the ad-blocker has been installed and started up, it will continually scan your device for adverts, and if it detects any that it deems to be malicious, it will immediately halt their playback.

Problems With Ad-blocker YouTube Vanced

By employing the use of an ad-blocker, you will be able to prevent YouTube Mobile from accessing the official app, which means that YouTube Vanced will not load in the first place. You can also set an exact timescale to block the videos from being played, or play them one at a time. Whichever method you choose to block this irritating program, you will be pleased with the result. After the videos are blocked, simply go back to the YouTube app, and you should be able to view the videos that you were unable to watch before the block was in place. 

It's a very easy solution to a very common problem and one that many people have found to be very effective at removing ads from YouTube. If you're suffering from YouTube Vanced, there is no need to worry, and the software that has been developed to eliminate this issue is entirely free.


So, the next time you experience this, there's no need to worry. You can put a stop to this with a very simple modded utility that is available right now on the google play store. This simple tool works by blocking all YouTube videos on your device and preventing them from loading until you've bought the YouTube Vanced application. I hope this article helped!