Uncertainty in bettings

People started wagering and betting centuries ago. Since then, of course, the methods and nature of betting have changed a lot, but the nature of the uncertainty has remained the same. Parimatch online betting.

What is uncertainty and probability, and how can bettors use them in betting?

The uncertainty principle

At the turn of the 20th century, the philosophy of determinism began to crumble under the influence of the realization that the smallest particles - the atoms and the elementary particles of which they are made - do not behave in the same way as everyday objects.

Quantum mechanics - the physics of the smallest particles - pushed people to understand that, in fact, Laplace's ""elements of nature"" are not constant and, as it turned out, have a wavy nature, and their position in space and time can only be described using waves of probability. How can you predict the position of something in the future, even if you don't know where it is right now?

In 1927, the German physicist Werner Heisenberg published a work in which he formulated the uncertainty principle, now known to everyone. Simply put, you cannot know exactly the momentum and position of a particle, and the more you know about one, the less you will know about the other.

Crucially, this uncertainty is not due to the difficulties associated with the physical limitations of practical observation and lack of information, as suggested by Laplace. On the contrary, we are talking about a mathematical impossibility due to the very nature of matter.

Albert Einstein, disturbed by this suggestion, said, ""I am sure He does not roll the dice."" Einstein, however, was wrong. Quantum mechanics is perhaps the most significant scientific achievement of mankind: the predictions of quantum mechanics, no matter how strange and incredible they are, have come true more than once.

It turns out that even Laplace's demon is subject to the uncertainty principle and cannot know the position and speed of a particle. Stephen Hawking said, ""Everything indicates that He is an avid gambler who rolls the dice every time he gets it."" Moreover, He does not even know what the results will be.